Social Planet is a global philanthropic social network with headquarters located in San Francisco, California. We are a forward thinking, technology savvy 501(c)3 non-profit specializing in developing strong relationships for social and environmentally conscious companies, organizations and individuals.

Our mission is to improve the human condition and protect the natural environment – one person, one family, one community at a time.

Although our organization is global, we are made up of many grassroots projects and programs that focus on empowering the individual to get involved and become a changemaker.

In many cases, we act as a Social Enterprise Incubator that provides not only a breeding ground and hatchery for new ideas, but also a proving site where sustainable models are tested and established so they may be duplicated around the world.

For our grassroots partners, we act as a window to the world for their projects and programs; a place where others who share their vision can offer expertise, resources and even funding to help make the vision a reality.

For larger socially aware companies, we act as a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) gateway to further their CSR initiatives. We do this by providing six distinct ways of implementing CSR – from philanthropic giving and co-marketing initiatives to strategic business practices that allow a company to Do-Good and Do-Well at the same time.

The very nature of our global network brings unique life experiences and an open-minded approach to issues facing the world today and in the future. We have helped countless communities, families and individuals from around the globe make positive change on issues important to them. We would love to help you find projects that you can become involved with or help you take your idea to the next level to create positive change.

What We Do

Social Planet operates globally and supports projects that improve the human condition or the natural environment.

As part of our global effort, we hand-deliver humanitarian aid to families in need; provide services for at-risk children; help with relief to the poor; support development projects for under-privileged and distressed communities worldwide; and we build clinics, schools and libraries in remote communities.

In addition to promoting recycling and lowering our carbon footprint, we encourage “free-cycling” so that perfectly good equipment and materials can have a second life in lesser developed countries.

We encourage people of all ages and from all walks of life to take part in humanitarian efforts and environmental projects globally.

Working at the invitation of local leaders, we support projects through available resources and donations within our network, and engage our volunteers in short-term micro-economic projects and environmental/human development programs in close partnership with local people worldwide.

“Wow! That’s a lot of positive impact! And you do it with no employees or overhead? How???”

It does sound like a lot for an organization with no employees and minimal overhead. ┬áBut when you put the practice of “every little bit helps” to work, you can see the impact of what one individual can do and how that effort translates to an entire community.

It proves that we are a Social Planet. And we can make a difference if we work together to make it happen.